Utvärdering av Dynamic Vision Sensors

In certain vision applications one of the biggest draw backs is the computational power needed to do the image analysis to reach the goal set forth for the system. Often the storage must be quite big as the images captured by the camera consumes storage space. Even if these facts are not problematic in many applications, there are certain applications where they cause a big problem.

A solution to this is using a new type of sensors referred to as Dynamic Vision Sensors by the firm supplying them. These sensors uses a technology which only transmits local level pixel change caused by a moving scene. The result is a dramatic improvement in speed, power, dynamic range, data storage and not at least computational requirements.

This is a totally new type of sensor that could dramatically extend the areas where optical measurement technology can be used. Currently this type of sensor cost a few hundred euros each, but the goal of Inilabs, the firm producing and selling the sensors, is to reach a volume where the cost is a few euros each.