Industry 4: transforming innovation ecosystem through better capacity of public enablers (InnoCAPE)

InnoCAPE project addresses the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region through Industry 4.0 and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) as digital innovation enablers. The project tackles three key problems related to European ambitions of digitalisation: lagging digitalisation of SMEs in traditional industry sectors, underdeveloped ecosystem for efficient functioning of DIHs, and underrepresented BSR on the global arena of Digital Innovation Hubs.

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of DIHs by reinforcing the ecosystem of innovation around BSR. InnoCAPE will provide DIHs with knowledge, visibility and efficient tools for interacting with their target group (SMEs). Altogether the project is set up to develop and pilot a collaboration model of DIHs in the BSR enabling them to increase their role and influence on the competitiveness and continuous growth of the BSR.

InnoCAPE consortium:Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park (LTU),Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (LTU),Latvian IT Cluster (LVA),Faculty of Science and Technology Institute of Computer Science (EST),IoT-Compass – South Ostrobothnia RDMIH (FIN),Super IoT (FIN),RISE ICT Research Institute of Sweden ICT (SWE),ProcessIT Innovations (SWE),DIGITALNORWAY (NOR),HPC4Poland (POL).