Digiprocess – Supporting digitalization of process industry ecosystems: Developing service ecosystems among process industry and SMEs

Digiprocess builds on the findings from the previous project ProcessSME. The main objective of DigiProcess project is to support SMEs to develop their digital services and build digitalization ecosystems with industry partners. The project provides support for SMEs and industry partners in collaboration and co-operation. This is done by  building  a digitalization ecosystem for SME and industry partners for different business areas like steel, mining, bio, forest and energy.

Digiprocess targets:

  • SMEs that are suppliers to industry and are aiming towards providing innovative products, services and further advanced offers, and who aim to entering new international markets
  • SMEs that are not suppliers to industry and are aiming to collaborate with industry by offering innovative products, services and further advanced offers
  • National and international industry companies that are willing to buy products, services and further advanced offers from the current and potential new SME partners
  • Research and industrial organisations that want to participate in SME-industry digitalization ecosystem development activities


  • Project partners from Finland and Sweden work together with SMEs and industry partners to build digitalization ecosystems in Finnish and Swedish Interreg Nord environment

Expected results:

Digital services

  • Potential of digitalization is recognized and industrial sector SMEs are supported
  • SME´s and industry partners digitalization projects are piloted and demonstrated

Digitalization ecosystems

  • Co-operation and new business models in digital ecosystems are enhanced
  • Needs and opportunities of digitalization ecosystems are identified
  • Foundations for digitalization ecosystems are created
  • European business co-operation network is improved