AESOP FP7 IP projekt

AESOP will envision, design, implement and demonstrate a Service-oriented Architecture approach for monitoring and control of Process Control applications (batch and continuous process). Large process industry systems are a complex (potentially very large) set of (frequently) multi-disciplinary, connected, heterogeneous systems that function as a complex system of which the components are themselves systems. Multidisciplinary in nature, they link many component systems of a wide variety of scales, from individual groups of sensors to e.g. whole control, monitoring, supervisory control systems, performing SCADA and DCS functions. The future “Perfect Plant” will be able to seamlessly collaborate and enable monitoring and control information flow in a cross-layer way. As such the different systems will be part of an SCADA/DCS ecosystem, where components can be dynamically added or removed and dynamic discovery enables the ondemand information combination and collaboration. All current and future systems will be able to share information in a timely and open manner, enabling an enterprise-wide system of systems that will dynamically evolve based on business needs. AESOP aims at dealing with several key challenges that arise such as real-time web services, wireless, interoperability, plug and play, self-adaptation, reliability, cost-effectiveness, energy-awareness, high-level cross-layer integration and cooperation, event propagation, aggregation and management.

Projektet avslutat 2013-12-31. Avslutande review genomförd 2014-02-13.