ProcessIT Innovations Annual Report

Annual report 2018

Updated version of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap

2018-09-05  This is an updated version of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap for industrial process automation.

The new version of the ProcessIT.EU-roadmap provides input to the strategic planning concerning process industrial IT- and automation for process- and manufacturing industry companies.

It comprises 10 R&D areas, 9 game changers and also relevant and emerging business models of interest. Thus, the roadmap is relevant to read for all with strategic, tactical- or operational responsibilities, and need input to their planning and renewal process.

This is an updated version of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap for industrial process automation, which was initially released in 2013 to provide guidance and input for process industry companies, providers of process industrial IT- and automation solutions, researchers as well as policy makers and bodies/initiatives that craft calls for RDI-projects.

> Download the final version of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap.

> Download a short presentation of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap.

The main objective is for European process industry to stay competitive, profitable and sustainable.
Thus, to support European process industry in its industrial process automation endeavours, the ProcessIT.EU roadmap outlines three top-level needs: sustainable production, competence management and trust, security, safety and privacy.

These three top-level needs intersect the following ten R&D areas:
•Productivity, efficiency, scalability and flexibility
•Sustainability through circular economy – circular economy through industrial internet
•Distributed production/modular factories and services
•Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
•Autonomous plants and remote operations
•Platform economy
•Safety - human, machine and environment
•Competences and quality of work
•Human-Machine Interfaces and Machineto-Machine communications, which in turn are used as building blocks in the nine gamechangers.

The gamechangers aim to influence the process industries’ competitiveness, profitability and sustainability. The gamechangers are listed below:
•Modular factory for distributed and automated production
•Live virtual twins of raw-materials, process and products
•Increased information transparency between field and ERP
•Real-time data analytics
•Dynamic control and optimisation of output tolerances
•Process industry as an integrated and agile part of the energy system
•Management of critical knowledge
•Semi-autonomous automation engineering
•Integrated operational and cybersecurity management

Finally, the ProcessIT.EU roadmap provides an insight into what may need to be considered on strategic and tactical levels, in terms of: objectives, R&D areas, game changers and business
modelling, to keep and develop the competitive edge and initiative.