Oil analysis

Within the framework of the common activity that innovation surroundings ProcessIT and Digipolis Research prosecute during 2005-2007 and in discussions with regional industries emerge that particle in oil is a problem where it today is missing satisfactory technical solutions on the market. A demonstration project with a technical solution including a camera for measuring particles was carried out and also evaluated. Connecting universities and small and medium sized companies around a concrete industrial problem creates possibilities to strengthen research, new innovative products based on leading-edge technology developed by regional suppliers, and possibility to have new technical solutions in readiness for industries in the region.


The overall objective of the project is to develop a solution for particle analysis in oil. That will be done in co-operation between Swedish and Finnish research organizations.


1. Interdisciplinary research within the following spheres: a. Lubrication and wear of machine part with focus on particle generate. b. System for optical particle analysis. c. Built-in system for tough environment including communication. d. Interaction between human being – machine.
2. Develop a demonstration system based on results from research.
3. At least one industrial pilot installation of the demonstration system.
4. Make cooperation possible between companies with focus on product developing.
5. Make use of possibility to develop new products and services.
6. A well developed cross border innovation system between the organisations.


ProjectnameOil analysis


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