Process interaction system: Co-ordination processes and new interface

With process interaction systems, the project takes an comprehensive starting point in the importance of ensuring that the whole processes can be made more efficient, developed, and improved with modern interaction technology, and thus seek to avoid (sub)optimisation work restricted to entirely local or process-linked factors.

Expected results. 
1. Creation of a product development project based on:
Identifying and grouping existing user categories by responsibilities and tasks. 

Identifying and charting current processes for all user categories around a belt conveyor. 

A description of how existing processes can be improved. 

Clarifying how the interface and interaction with SoftBCS™ should be designed for each user category.

2. Implementation of market analysis for potential scaling-up of the SoftBCS™ system.

3. Documenting and publishing the results via leading international conferences and journals.


ProjectnameProcess interaction system: Co-ordination processes and new interface


Status Pågående

Activity Förstudie

PartnersSoftcenter, Umeå universitet

ContactMikael Wiberg



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