Decision support in process production

The aim of this project is to identify the technology support currently used in the paper industry to handle production planning and production control, to assess needs, and to identify possibilities for better support for these needs.

In the wake of the growth of the information society a clear problem has been detected, namely that the quantity of  information increases at a rate that is higher than the rate at which our information-handling tools develop. In connection with the ever-increasing computerisation of the industry, the quantity of information available to the individual factory worker and with the increased amount of information has both advantages and disadvantages.

The preliminary study is in the form of a collaboration between Trimma (an IKT supplier with unique experience of structuring complex quantities of data in other connections), representatives from the paper industry, and researchers from Umeå university.


ProjectnameDecision support in process production


Status Pågående

Activity Förstudie

PartnersArmstrong, SCA, Smurfit Kappa , Trimma, Umeå universitet

ContactJonny Holmström



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