IT-support for mining prospecting

In Sweden, industry spent approx SEK 280 million on prospecting in 2006. In Explizit’s study of prospecting and in discussions with various firms, the company has identified a need of increased IT support for planning, implementation, and post-processing of prospecting.

Here, ‘prospecting’ is take to mean land-based core-drilling. In the discussions with prospecting companies that took place, a number of areas were  identified where increased IT support was needed: The preliminary study will involve a survey of the requirement picture made in order to obtain an insight in which the most important requirement is to find a solution that provides high added value to the prospecting industry in:


  • Safety: communications and safety solutions for personnel on drilling rigs
  • Communication: drilling sites are often poorly covered and numeric and data communications solutions are of maximum importance
  • Planning of roads and drilling
  • Information, to co-ordinators, geologists and customers while prospecting is in progress, eg drilling reports, pictures, and position
  • Integration with data-controlled drilling rigs


ProjectnameIT-support for mining prospecting


Status Pågående

Activity Förstudie

PartnersAtlas Copco, Explizit, Luleå tekniska universitet, Taiga, Umeå universitet

ContactTorbjörn Lundmark



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