Algorithms for optimum adjustment of forestry machinery

This proposal for a preliminary study involves investigation of the possibilities of attaining better raw material take-up by analysing measurement data using advanced calculation methods for forecasting and adjustment. The result is the basis for development of future systems.

The proposal is closely connected to the new technologies such as ultrasound and lasers for measurement of trees in connecting with felling. Both new and existing measurement technologies will be studied in the project. Komatsu Forest AB initiated this preliminary study to identify the research areas that may be relevant to the development of new models for forecasting and adaptation of trees during felling. The preliminary study will also identify future challenges and research needs in the area . It will also indicate the level of research this type of R&D will give, and which future collaborative projects may be of interest from a research perspective.


ProjectnameAlgorithms for optimum adjustment of forestry machinery


Status Avslutad

Activity Förstudie

PartnersKomatsu, Umeå universitet

ContactRobin Norrman



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