Interactive decision training

The preliminary study aims to investigate the market potential and technical conditions for development and commercialisation of products and services based on results from the R&D project ‘Foreign Ground’.

Foreign Ground was developed by Data Ductus, Luleå Technical University and the Defence College, and is a computer game for decision training intended for Swedish military personnel on foreign service. The current prototype is based on Unreal Engine, a  MOD (modification).

Very early in the development work, Foreign Ground showed itself not only to have the potential to be developed into a conventional computer game, but also to be developed into a platform for many types of decision training and scenarios in other non-military environments such as industry, service companies, public companies, and organisations.


ProjectnameInteractive decision training


Status Avslutad

Activity Förstudie

PartnersData Ductus, Umeå universitet

ContactHåkan Wallin



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