In-situ measurement of moisture content in dressed ore

In contrast to sensors for air and surface moisture this project focuses on bulk moisture sensors.

Here, the term ‘bulk moisture’ means the moisture content within a material, an area where there are few if any conventional technologies on the market. The need for this type of sensor technology is thought to be twofold within the project:

(1) the need at LKAB to measure moisture content in dressed ore and pellets, and

(2) Adage thinks that if a sensor for bulk moisture were to be combined with RFID, it would open up great market possibilities even outside LKAB.


The RFID technology makes it possible for sensors to, eg, be integrated into various production processes with wireless transmission of process information. From the information arising during the preliminary study, a research project on moisture-content sensors has been recommended.


The project will be run in close collaboration between LTU, Adage and LKAB. Work will be focused on sensor technologies and modelling of multiphase materials (=bulk). Along with the research work, the results will be developed in several stages with the object of setting up a working  pilot installation.


ProjectnameIn-situ measurement of moisture content in dressed ore


Status Pågående

Activity Projekt

PartnersAdage, BnearIT, Electrotech, LKAB, Luleå tekniska universitet

ContactTorbjörn Löfqvist

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