Platform for crane simulation

A preliminary study investigated market possibilities, research questions, and development questions for traverse simulation and tower cranes.

The project that will be carried out has three parts:

Part 1: Build a demonstrator for marketing.  This will be a simple prototype to be able to work on the market before building a general Marketing simulator.

Part 2: Marketing covers only the market demand for a general simulator and does not cover specific simulators.

Part 3: Build a Marketing simulator that will function as a general platform for various types of simulator.

Crane simulation has many close links to the research project Real-time simulation of deformable materials. Crane simulation includes simulation of the crane’s rigid components (load-bearing parts, wheels, pulley blocks, travelling gear, etc) and deformable parts, ie crane. These are the most complicated to simulate and are the focus of the project research.


ProjectnamePlatform for crane simulation


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PartnersABB, Luleå tekniska universitet, Oryx, SSAB, Umeå universitet

ContactRobin Norrman



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