Measurement system based on 3D data models

In, eg, the mining industry’s opinion, to be able to control total material flow, ´mine to mill´, it is absolutely critical to have thorough and reliable measurement of material size distribution. Deviations in size distribution are the single largest disturbance in crushing-mill controls throughout the world.

At the moment, mechanical solutions are used, and, more recently, two-dimensional image analysis, but these are not satisfactory, and three-dimensional measurement of size distribution could play a major part in a reliable  ´mine to mill´ concept.


Our solution proposal gives the possibility of online contactless, reliable and accurate measurement in continuous process flow. The three-dimensional information is analysed online and permits closed-circuit process control, automatic and objective quality –control and inspection, and continuous condition checks.

Massively improved process control using three-dimensional vision-based size and shape measurement will also be tested for other bulk raw materials such as raw pellets and wood pellets where, eg, the size and shape of raw pellets have a powerful effect in blast furnaces.


ProjectnameMeasurement system based on 3D data models


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PartnersLKAB, Luleå tekniska universitet, MBV Systems, Monash University, Sick-IVP, SSAB

ContactAnders OE Johansson



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