Flow measurement under extreme conditions

The focus of this preliminary study was flow measurement with ultrasound technology in very large pipes in which ‘air’ at atmospheric pressure and very high temperature is flowing.

In LKAB’s plant there are several channels (mainly flue-gas ducts) where it would be desirable to measure the flow but where conventional technology is not directly applicable. The preliminary study has identified a number of relevant research problems around this application, the greatest of which is the lack of robust ultrasound sensors for the pressures and temperatures on which the study is focused.

In a 5-10 years period, it is expected that the demand for flowmeters will increase further. The motivation for this increase is thought to be increased environmental awareness and dealing in emission rights that will drive companies in raise the number of metering points. The project will lead to a working prototype installation of a flowmeter at some LKAB installations.


ProjectnameFlow measurement under extreme conditions


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PartnersD-Flow, LKAB, Luleå tekniska universitet

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