IT support in complex production processes

Earlier studies in the paper and mining industries indicate great interest in the development of services from both industrial companies and their suppliers.

Service offers set new requirements on all parties when they involve new divisions of responsibility, new ways of working, and new technology support. For the company to be successful in its continued efforts towards IT-based services,  it is important to make use of the experience of customers and also of the employees who produce the services, because it can form the basis for improved offers.


One problem in the current situation is the lack of co-operation between industrial companies and IT suppliers to achieve success.


This project aims to assist industry and its suppliers to develop their business processes internally and with respect to customers. Further development of the service concept is regarded in the long term as a strategically important activity for many companies.


At both MCC and MacGregor Cranes, this project will contribute to enabling the company to refine its current services but potentially also the  development of new ones. Our work will also include an evaluation of the service concept’s potential within the paper industry. For IT suppliers in the region, such as Argentum and Sogeti, that are linked to the project, these services form a potentially large market.


ProjectnameIT support in complex production processes


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Activity Projekt

PartnersArgentum, MacGregor, MCC, Sogeti, Umeå universitet

ContactJonny Holmström



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