ProcessIT Innovations was awarded the title of Vinnväxtvinnare by VINNOVA, thereby being guaranteed financial support over a period of ten years.

VINNVÄXT is a programme that takes the form of a competition for regions. The aim is to promote sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific growth fields.

ProcessIT Innovations Annual Report

Annual report 2018


ProcessIT Innovations shall be a respected innovation- and collaboration centre where the needs of the industry for innovative and competitive products and services based on applied research are provided for and creates real value for all involved parties.

ProcessIT Innovations shall generate the following results:

  • New companies, products and services
  • A strong and relevant research competence
  • Measureable changes within the industry
  • A well developed collaboration between the participants
  • An ability to find the neccessary resources to run a project

Main objective - ProcessIT Innovations

The main objective for ProcessIT Innovations is to contribute to the creation and growth of companies by developing new products and services based on the needs list maintained by the process- and manufacturing industry.

Main objective - Regional industry

The main objective for the regional industry is to strengthen its position by increasing the effectiveness and use of information technology.

Main objective - ICT companies

The main objective for the IT- and Telecom companies is to develop commercial products for the international market with the support from the regional industry.

Main objective - Universities

The main objective for the universities is to establish the leading research environment in Europe in those areas covered by ProcessIT innovations and to gain a leading position among European universities with respect to commercialising research results.