A key factor for choosing the projects and preliminary studies that ProcessIT Innovations initiates is to start off from a system perspective. This viewpoint gives greater understanding of the general situation which makes it easier to see which projects fit into the company’s activities.

A distinctive mark of all the areas in which ProcessIT Innovations works is that the technological solutions that are produced must be durable and reliable. They must work online, it must be possible to monitor them efficiently and integrate them with other systems.


Moreover, they often have to function in environments where wireless communication is required. It is also important that products and solutions are to a large extent maintenance and service free and that they can be configured automatically.


Projects within four main fields

From the start 2005 ProcessIT Innovations has run about fifty projects and preliminary studies. The company has focused on four main fields: measurement systems, control systems, communications systems and interaction systems. However, in almost all cases, the projects have links to more than one main field. For instance, what may appear at first to be a delimited measurement or control problem in fact also affects how communication in the process is to be designed or what interaction is needed. The measurement system projects deal mainly with properties of materials in the flow of materials. One important issue has been non destructive evaluation and testing systems based on optical measurement or measurement based on ultrasound.


Control system projects have dealt with building and handling models. Within the process industry, there is complex plant equipment which can make it difficult to make measurements. The use of models makes it easier to understand these processes.

When it comes to communication systems, the big issue has often been on handling wireless communication in tough conditions and extreme environments. Here the aim has been to provide support to mobile equipment and mobile people. Interaction systems involve being able to present complex information in a better way.


PROJECT Overview