ProcessIT Innovations was awarded the title of Vinnväxtvinnare by VINNOVA, thereby being guaranteed financial support over a period of ten years.

VINNVÄXT is a programme that takes the form of a competition for regions. The aim is to promote sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific growth fields.

ProcessIT Innovations Annual Report

Annual report 2018

In collaboration with ProcessIT Innovations

ProcessIT Innovations is a collaboration centre in northern Sweden. The strategic concept of ProcessIT Innovations is to bring together the functional process and engineering industry in the region with ICT (information and communication technology) services in universities and industry.

The aim is to reinforce existing primary industries and develop the region’s ICT-industry to an internationally competitive position. This concept meets the challenges faced by today’s knowledge-intensive, high-technology primary industry with the extensive knowledge developed by the region’s ICT services. Process IT’s vision is therefore to establish in the area a leading European R&D centre in ICT for primary industry.

Working together

The continued competitiveness of primary industry demands new, effective ways to measure, control, and regulate production processes such as the development of communications, infrastructure, user interfaces, and business proposals. The potential for an ICT company that is successful in meeting these demands and challenges from primary industry will be very great. The players in the system are already in place, the process is on stream, and all intermediate players are involved and working together in their own interests to develop their own activities.

Good potential for growth

ProcessIT has good potential for growth. The combination of the traditional process industry with the information and communications industry forms an area of regional strength and renewal. There is a good existing R&D infrastructure in Luleå and Umeå. The demand for R&D that exists to raise ProcessIT to a level of international competitiveness is well defined. Regional roots and leadership are top class, and regional authorities are contributing with very good co-financing. However, the task is so wide that focusing needs to be considered.

Innovation system

ProcessIT Innovations was started up on the initiative of trade and industry in the region. Today its activities involve the process and engineering industries, ICT companies and the universities of Umeå and Luleå. In addition the four coastal municipalities and the county administrative boards of Västerbotten and Norrbotten are involved. The strength of ProcessIT Innovations’ strategic concept lies in the interest and power that these
players have in the innovation system.

A large number of preliminary studies and projects have started up in several different lines of business. The primary industry companies in the region have improved their positions. The ICT companies are characterized by strong entrepreneurship while the universities of Luleå and Umeå excel at research and development.