ProcessIT Innovations was awarded the title of Vinnväxtvinnare by VINNOVA, thereby being guaranteed financial support over a period of ten years.

VINNVÄXT is a programme that takes the form of a competition for regions. The aim is to promote sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific growth fields.

ProcessIT Innovations Annual Report



2015-04-28 ProcessIT Innovation's Annual Report 2014
ProcessIT Innovation's Annual Report 2014 is published in English and Swedish.
2015-04-01 Successful outcome of the project Vision Systems Business Development Platform
The project Vision Systems Business Development Platform has had an successful outcome concering image analysis and machine vision.
2014-10-13 AEROWORKS granted 5.6M Euro
The project AEROWORKS has been granted 5.6M Euros in the area of ICT and Robotics in the EU framework programme Horizon 2020.
2014-10-13 EuroCPS New Cyber Physical System project
A consortium of France, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany will join in Horizon2020-project EuroCPS. The goal is to create synergies between emerging and established organizations operating in Cyber Physical System.
2014-10-13 DISIRE project granted six million Euro
The European DISIRE project has been granted six million Euro. The project is led by Luleå University och Technology with participants from Sweden, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Israel.
2014-05-13 ProcessIT Annual Report 2013
ProcessIT Innovation's Annual Report is published in English and Swedish.
2013-05-30 ProcessIT Innovations best cross-border innovator in the Baltic Sea Region
ProcessIT Innovations has been appointed as the best cross-border and cross-sector innovator in the Baltic Sea region. ProcessIT receives the BSR Innovation Award 2013. In total thirteen organisations, projects or networks involving more than ten countries were nominated.
2013-03-27 ProcessIT.EU awarded with an ARTEMIS Label
ProcessIT.EU was awarded with an ARTEMIS Label and as one of ARTEMIS Centres of Innovation Excellence, CoIE, at ARTEMIS Spring Event 2013. The ARTEMIS Label is a quality mark in recognition of the achievements in the field of innovation in embedded systems.
2012-12-11 National pooling of resources for Industrial Process Automation
Our vision is that by 2025 Sweden will be the leading nation in the area of industrial process management and automation. But achieving this goal requires more energy, resources and focus.
2011-09-26 Positive evaluation of ProcessIT
A very good evaluation of ProcessIT with words like "impressive" and "excellent job" was the result of an international review of the last three years of earnings.
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