ProcessIT Innovations was awarded the title of Vinnväxtvinnare by VINNOVA, thereby being guaranteed financial support over a period of ten years.

VINNVÄXT is a programme that takes the form of a competition for regions. The aim is to promote sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific growth fields.

ProcessIT Innovations Annual Report

Annual report 2018


Europe’s largest project for digitization of industry

2019-04-17 Luleå University of Technology will coordinate Europe's largest project for solutions in automation and digitization for the industry. Arrowhead Tools has a budget of EUR 91 million and 81 participants, among them some of Europe's largest companies such as Volvo, Bosch and Philips.


Next generation forest machines

2019-04-15  Now it is established that Komatsu Forest in Umeå is implementing one of the largest investments in industrial Sweden right now. It will be a future-proof factory in large format, with a focus on sustainable production. The company's investment further strengthens the region's position as a leader in the field of forest technology.


Updated version of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap

2018-09-05  This is an updated version of the ProcessIT.EU roadmap for industrial process automation.


Strategic Research Agenda developed by the AceForm consortium

2018-05-23  A Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) has been developed by the AceForm consortium.

Jerker Delsing

Closure for successful Arrowhead Project

2017-03-22  Europe's largest research project in automation – Arrowhead – is about to end. – We have delivered far better than anyone dared to hope when the project started, says Jerker Delsing, project coordinator and professor of Industrial Electronics at Luleå University of Technology.

Vinnväxt karta

Vinnväxt. A programme renewing and moving Sweden ahead.

2016-09-26  In 2001, Vinnova started a programme called “Vinnväxt – Regional Growth through Dynamic Innovation Systems”. One of them is ProcessIT Innovations.

Jerker Delsing

Arrowhead workshop at ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2016

2016-09-28  Arrowhead and Luleå University of Technology will arrange a workshop at the ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2016.


Will be sharper in optical metrology

2016-09-28  A grant of SEK 11 million will help companies in the north of Sweden to be even sharper in optical metrology.


Successful outcome of the project Vision Systems Business Development Platform

2015-04-01  The project Vision Systems Business Development Platform has had an successful outcome concering image analysis and machine vision.


Focus on DISIRE and ePellets projects

2015-05-05  In the latest issue of Process Nordic Magazine (4/2015) results from the ePellet research group and the DISIRE project are communicated.


DISIRE project granted six million Euro

2014-10-13  The European DISIRE project has been granted six million Euro. The project is led by Luleå University och Technology with participants from Sweden, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Israel.